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Flat Roof Installer, Replacement Fascia Boards & Roofing Carpentry!

Fascia & Guttering - Only one of our many skills!

We offer a range of services that complement each other. Each product is based around our roof carpentry skills, with our speciality being replacement fascia boards and guttering.

Our Roofing Carpentry Services

Replace fascias installer

Fascia & Soffit

We have years of experience in the industry and can guarantee you fascia, soffit and barge boards that will last a lifetime. As carpenters, we can overcome any roofing issues that may arise, without the need for extra trades and within the agreed price too.

Guttering replacement


Our PVC Guttering and downpipes are second to none. Boasting a 10 year drip free guarantee, our guttering is always installed with a good pitch and fall so it effectively collects and channels rain water away from your home.

Flat Roof Replacement

GRP stands for Glass Reinforce Plastic, commonly referred to as fibreglass. Known for its longevity, our brand offers a 20 year guarantee. GRP offers a seamless finish with no joints or welds and also comes in an  a non slip finish for foot traffic.

Roofing Carpentry

We install both traditional hand cut roofs and factory made trusses. As a roofing structure specialist we can extend the life of any roof! We are carpenters trained in the UK, ensuring that the cuts are tight and the structure sturdy.

Concrete gutter removal

Concrete Gutter removal

Our concrete gutter removal method stops leaks and damp permanantly. We extend the roof line and stop the ponding of rainwater for good. We improve thermal effiecency, stop cold bridging, and give that ugly concrete roof line a stunning new look!

"Our mission is to provide the price and personality of your local tradesman, with the professionalism and assurance of a larger franchise"