Replacement Fascia & Guttering

Our fascia board, and guttering replacement is one of the best home improvements you can make to your home. Some people may not get as excited about fascias as we do, but there is no denying the aesthetic improvement and increase in property value that our fascia installations provide.

Why replace Fascia?

The fascia soffit and guttering of your home, (collectively known as the roof line.) is where all your roofs water collects. This means your roof line has to withstand 1000's more litres of water than any other part of your roof. A well maintained fascia soffit and guttering system protects your roof structure and exterior walls from damp, fungus and rot.

Replacement fascia & soffits on detached house in Bristol
Fascia and soffit replacement in Gloucester

Fascia replacements make homes more beautiful

We create face lifts for homes that are new, clean and modern. The added looks and increased weather security adds value to your home. We are confident you will be as proud of your new fascias as we are.

uPVC Fascia & Barge Boards

Our uPVC fascia and soffit boards come in a wide variety of colours and styles including our most popular White, Black Ash, Rosewood and Mahogany. Our products once installed will not rot, warp, split or discolour and will add thermal efficiency to your home.

uPVC fascia and barge boards in various colours


Our Swish Fascias are accredited by the BBA, manufactured in accordance with British Standards and conform to all relevant environmental legislation. All the fascia products in the Swish range are designed to work in harmony together including our range of recycled roof line products for those who are eco conscious.

All Fascias are Guaranteed

All our uPVC roof line products come with a comprehensive 50 year guarantee, with a life expectancy of at least double. That plus the fact that uPVC fascias require little or no maintenance whatsoever, it's easy to see why everyone is switching to PVC!

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