The Problem

Mr M. was looking to invest in improving the appearance of his home. Having done some research, (and having a suspicion that his soffits may contain asbestos.) he decided that replacing his fascia soffit and guttering was his most prudent home improvement investment. He gave us a call and we tested his soffit, discovering that his soffits were indeed asbestos.

The solution

After removing the asbestos soffits whilst firmly adhering to all health and safety requirements, we disposed of them responsibly. We then replaced his fascia soffit and guttering with maintenance free PVC. Mr M was delighted with his new, safe roof line.

“William told me exactly what the job entailed and kept me informed whilst the work was being carried out. I cannot speak highly enough of them and their workmanship. Would definitely recommend them. They did a couple of extra things at no extra cost. Well done guys”

Mr B

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