Flat Roof Installer

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic, commonly referred to as fibreglass. GRP roofs are harder and tougher than all other flat roof systems on the market. GRP can easily resist a sharp stone in a boot and also comes in an a non slip finish for foot traffic, also making it perfect for verandahs & balconies.

Seamless Flat Roof Installer

A flat roof leak can cause serious damage to your home, and often flat roofs can leak through seams and welds prematurely. Trying to patch leaks like these can easily become troubleshooting, causing good money to be spent on very temporary solutions.

Flat roof replacement and new guttering

G.R.P (Fibreglass) Flat roofs

GRP flat roofs offer a one piece seamless finish with no joints or welds, leaving no weaknesses that can leak. Not that you will ever need to, but GRP can be repaired seamlessly too!


Our flat roofs conform to all roofing legislation including ventilation, vapour lock, and the correct specification of insulation, all approved by building control.

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Our GRP flat roof installations come with a 20 year guarantee, can be finished in a variety of colours and moulded to any shape or profile.

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